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Manukau, Auckland: The ultimate place to live and study

New Zealand is a land of stunning beauty and startling contrasts. From golden beaches to snowy mountains, from wide empty bush clad ranges to modern busy high-tech cities, New Zealand offers a perfect environment for study and leisure.

On top of all this, New Zealand is world-recognised for excellence in education.

Progressive, dynamic, multicultural

Auckland with its 1.3 million people is a modern, dynamic region with progressive business sectors, a high technology direction and a competitive skilled workforce. The multicultural nature of this area enables international students to find familiar food in local supermarkets, shops, restaurants and markets. Newspapers, magazines, books and films are readily available for the international community.

In the Manukau and wider Auckland region there is a unique opportunity to experience city sophistication, yet enjoy easy access to uncrowded beaches, farmland and New Zealand bush.

A comfortable climate

Auckland enjoys a temperate climate. Summers are dry and warm with temperatures averaging 19-25oC, while winter temperatures are a little cooler, averaging between 12-18oC.

An enviable lifestyle

Most New Zealanders enjoy participating in a range of sporting activities. In Auckland - 'The City of Sails' - watersports of all kinds are very popular. In winter, skiing and mountain sports are within a few hours drive.

Manukau: A city within the city of Auckland

Manukau City is one of the largest, fastest growing and yet one of the youngest cities in New Zealand.

Our city is unique in its rapid growth, diverse multicultural society, ready access to transport links involving road, rail and air, extensive 320 kilometre coastline, and its ability to attract industrial and commercial development.

Manukau's beautiful rural character is still very evident, with two thirds of the area still in agricultural use. The link with urban areas provides an interesting contrast that is very special to Manukau. Across all of our territory, Manukau is endowed with a vast array of parks, playgrounds, marine facilities, sports fields, libraries, recreation and cultural centres, swimming pools and commercial recreational opportunities.

Manukau City facts

Manukau dominates the southern part of the Auckland region with an area of over 500 square kilometres (55,200 ha). The territory of Manukau stretches from the edge of the Auckland isthmus in the north of the Hunua Ranges and Papakura District in the south.

A growing population

Manukau is the only major city in New Zealand with a growing population, and is the third largest local authority after Auckland and Christchurch. The population for Manukau is approximately 255,000 people. This total increases by 4,000 to 5,000 annually.

A multicultural city

Manukau is a large and active multicultural community. While the bulk of our people are of European descent, Maori make up 16% of the population with people of Pacific Island origin another 20%. Manukau has a burgeoning Asian population too.

That's just a little about what makes our region special. If there's anything more you'd like to know, please feel free to contact us.